As an “Apostle to the Marketplace,” Dr. Paul Murray has an understanding that the Kingdom of God extends far beyond the four walls of the church building.  In the tradition of Joseph who was second-in-command in Egypt, Bezalel the master craftsman of the Tabernacle of Moses and Paul the Apostle and tent-maker, Dr. Paul brings Kingdom principles and standards into the business arena, thus expanding the sphere of influence of the Kingdom of God.

Beneath his mild-mannered exterior lies a wealth of business knowledge and expertise which he quietly imparts to those who have ears to hear.  His teachings on the Principle of Sowing and Reaping as a form of Worship have helped to raise up and encourage a generation of Kingdom Financiers who are learning to be good stewards of their God-given skills, talents and finances.  In addition, Dr. Paul has a passion for mentoring both existing business owners and entrepreneurs – teaching them how to apply spiritual principles to practical business situations.  As a “Spiritual Father” he works with them to grow their businesses while employing Godliness and integrity, thus helping the Kingdom of God to lay hold of the mountain of business – one of the 7 mountains of influence in the world [the other 6 being:  Education, Media, Government, Church Organizations, Family & the Arts].